This is My Crowd

This is My Crowd
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Friday, April 22, 2011

One Year Ago

It's been a busy week. Between the stomach flu visiting our household this past weekend and a lawsuit that I've been gathering information for at work and just plain old regular life... my mind and body have been working overtime. But, yesterday (4/21/11), as I was digging through old emails for the lawsuit previously mentioned, I found an email dated on the same date but the previous year (4/21/10). It was from my Mom. In the reference line it said Re: WOW!. With a title like that, I just had to read it.

In summary, she was telling me about how on the previous Sunday at church she had been praying and that God had confirmed to her the baby I was then pregnant with was a girl. If, you've read my previous posts, Ms. Helena was born later on that year in October and she is beautiful! But at the time, we were still more than a month away from determining the gender via ultrasound. If you don't believe that God speaks to people, that's fine. I understand it sounds wierd, but He's spoken to my heart and to other people that I know as well, so it doesn't sound crazy to me.

The thing is... it was a couple of years before I became pregnant that I was praying in my church that God spoke to my heart that I would have a daughter, when I was ready to be a Mom to a daughter. My daughter may not seem a miracle to most, but after having 3 boys, she is my miracle and my living reminder of God's faithfulness!

On this Good Friday, I thought it appropriate to share God's goodness! That He loves you, that He is faithful and that He lives! Jesus did not die on the Cross and Rise again on the third day so that I might have a daughter one day, His sacrifice on the Cross was so that I could be reconciled with a God that desired to have a relationship with me... and with YOU! Salvation is the greatest miracle of them all! Through it, I have gained a relationship with a Father that desires only the best for my life and I will be eternally greatful! My daughter is merely a reminder of His goodness.

Happy Easter to all! and Happy 1st Easter to my little miracle!