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This is My Crowd
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Do I Love Thee...

Let me count the ways...

In this case, "Thee" is plural. I have so many people that I love! However, not nearly as many as I should. Originally, I was going to post something about my children and how much I love them and list their traits that I hold so dear, which I will do one day still. But as I was typing out the words, "In this case, "Thee" is plural.", I realized how limited my "Thee" is. Jesus said that we should "Love our neighbors" and furthers His command by commanding us to "Love our enemies and pray for those that persecute us". Now, I have met 2 of my literal neighbors and wave in passing to an additional 1, who my husband knows, but I do not. I understand that when Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors, He did not limit this command to those that live immediately adjacent to us. Regardless, it occurs to me that I don't know any of my neighbors, adjacent or otherwise, let alone do anything that would convey love to them.

Granted, I have begun participating with Scarlet Revolution in the delivery of food to those in need and I do occasionally invite people to church, when I take the time to have a conversation with them. But I often find myself busy and insecure. Too busy certainly to take the time to meet new people. Too insecure to put myself out there to meet new people. Under the cover of my job title I easily call strangers, meet with unknown parties and become friendly with people whose faces I have never seen, but as just myself, I find that I am lacking.

I would give myself points for helping friends and family, but Jesus totally discounts that entirely because EVERYONE is kind to those that are kind to them. That does not test our mettle or stretch our comfort zones. He's always pushing us to lend to people that have no way to repay, help those that cannot help you in return, love those that cannot love you back, pray for those that only desire your destruction. Much like He does for us!

He gave what we could not repay, He helped us though we had nothing to offer in return, He loves us despite our innate inability to love as He loves without Him, and He prayed for us even though we were, for all intents and purposes, the "enemy". We could not help but be the enemy of His cause prior to accepting salvation, because there is a scarlet line drawn and there is no in between.

So, back to me and why I'm so messed up. How can I love others if I never give them the time of day. How can I pray for my enemies when I do little to determine who's who. How can I be like Christ if I forever embrace my frailties that keep me... well, keep me from others. I can't. So, where to begin.

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