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This is My Crowd
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is 67.5" Long, Tweets and is Under the Gun?

If you answered "ME!" you would be INcorrect... because it's ME!  Eh-chem.  That was supposed to be a joke, because if you said me you would be referring to you, but if I said me... nevermind, you get it.


Ok, so I am referring to me!  I am excited because I have made a pact, via email not blood, with a good friend that we would both take our writing more seriously, post more regularly and promote one another (so check out his blog too!).  In addition to being excited, I am also terrified.  As the understanding of our agreement spread over me and sank deep into the fibers of my being, I immediately wondered if I would even have enough to say for 3 blogs a week.  Would my vocabulary sputter out at week 2?  Would my anecdotes and witty word plays begin to bore my readership (which is made of only friends and family, so that better not happen)? 


Two devil's-advocate-type questions surfaced. 

Question 1: Am I writing to impress people or to express a talent I believe God has given me? 
My Response: Interesting question. 

Question 2: If writing is, in fact, a God given talent, then what will happen to it if I bury it and it remains unused? 
My Response: Hmmmm, ok, challenging question. 

Both good and valid questions.  So, here I am, hoping that this pact will positively impact my future and the dreams that I have somewhere in my heart.  I say somewhere, because over the past few years I have been confronted on numerous occasions with the fact that I have lost them, my dreams, that is.  This is an effort to uncover at least one and, who knows, perhaps more will be revealed in the process.


Have you asked yourself these questions lately or ever?  Though your talent may not be writing and your dream may not be sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world, you have, inside of you, talents and dreams that need to be discovered and expressed!  If you haven't dreamed lately, I challenge you, as a wise man once said, to dream again

Do you find yourself questioning whether you even have a talent or dream?  You do!  It's there, I promise!  What are your dreams and/or talents that have been buried underneath the necessary, yet sometimes grinding, routines of life?  The challenge has been submitted, how will you respond?  The first step is telling someone, so please post a comment on your dreams or talents that you have been neglecting.



  1. Brina, I didn't realize how much we have in common. Your post really hit home with me today, on just about every level. My dream is to write. To communicate truth in an approachable, understandible way. If I'm being honest, I have been neglecting it for the easy and comfortable, and that is, well, lame. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  2. I'd say thanks for the invite, but Ernie beat'cha to it. Kinda wish you would have asked me. But it's cool. I'll run wit'cha! I even dropped a new post, well to be honest. I started working on it yesterday and planned to put it up, but was procrastinating till the end of the week. Seems now I have three days to write twice more... do I have it in me? We shall see. Cheers!

  3. Lyssah - I know! I love reading your blog! You should join our pact and commit to 3 blogs per week, with a special topic on Saturday. Let me know if you're interested. We cross promote.

  4. Rob - You were always invited, just didn't get a chance to talk about it!

  5. Oh my gosh Brina, I love reading your blog and I get tears often while reading but laugh a lot as too. But YES you are a very talented writer!! I've seen it for...let's see 12 years now. So glad u are sharing your talent with us!!!

    ~Yvonne (not sure how to select my name on this thing LOL)