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Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting Over: A Quick Review of Michael Perkins E-Book

I just finished reading Michael Perkins Starting Over "A Manifesto on Being Yourself".  I've read a few E-Books, but this one was different for both the obvious and more subtle reasons.  At first glance, the differences jump right off the page since it's handwritten; something that, as a follower of Michael's blog, I had grown accustomed to and kind of expected.  Even after having expected it, though, it was still interesting to read through 62 pages of what appeared to be someones notes scratched out on paper.  As a person that often finds herself reading scratched out notes for draft letters and legal documents it was comforting in a familiar way for me.  The crossed out and rewritten words on a couple of the pages reinforced that this poured out of a mans heart and not some brainstorming meeting designed to churn out cleverly post-modern, deconstructed ideas. 

My only complaint is that I didn't think of it first.  But, that too, adds to the truth it tells.  His blog and his E-Book are an expression of his unique voice that God put in him.  By the very nature of the topic, it would become impossible for that to be my idea, and that too is reassuring.  It soothes the parts of me that bristle when I see greatness in others and wonder why I am found lacking.  I too have a voice and creative ideas in me that await only their expression.

Even if you don't realize yet that you are a creative (even if you don't feel like it, you are!), read this E-Book and see if that unique voice God put inside of you can't be found speaking a little louder. 

Click Here to Check Out Starting Over

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