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This is My Crowd
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Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Goals

So, I realize that I'm a couple of weeks late on the whole New Years resolution idea, but since I never do the whole resolution thing, I'm kind of ahead of schedule (because later is still sooner than never... forget it, moving on).  Even now, I'm not setting resolutions, but I am going to set some goals.  Since, there's no accountability like public accountability, my blog seemed like the best (or worst) possible choice for record keeping. 

Photo by Pixtawan

Here we go!

1.  Read the whole Bible before Christmas.  No skipping.  Not even the genealogies. 

2.  Read at least one book, excluding the books of the Bible, per month.  I'm excited about this since I am a reader by nature!

3.  Write a book.  Even if is only ever a self published e-book.

4.  Hand write proverbs (got this one from Jon Acuff, just thought it was such a good idea).

5.  Run twice a week.  I am NOT excited about this since I am NOT a runner by nature.

6.  Jump out of a plane... with a parachute and strapped to another human being who is trained to do such things.  This is what I'd like to do for my 35th birthday and it makes me sick to my stomach. 

7.  Go out on 12 dates with my husband and hopefully space them evenly over the 12 months.

8.  Volunteer as a Family at the Fresno Rescue Mission or a program they recommend.

9.  Send out 52 hand written letters.  Not sure to who, but I think I can manage 1 letter per week and it's only $22.88 in postage.  Not bad.

Ok.  I think that's enough.  I could keep going, but then at some point, I would realize that I could NEVER accomplish all that I'd set out.  So, there it is folks.  My 2012 goal list.