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This is My Crowd
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

It always seems like a good idea...

The Holidays have once again flown by, today we are officially 8 days into 2009. Before you know it, we'll be 8 days into 2010. It seems that the speed with which the years race by increases as I grow older. A sentiment that is merely an echo of so many conversations I've had with those older than I, over the years.

In mulling over the past 8 weeks, I find myself thinking back to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. In Clements, where my parents and grandparents live, it was a cold day, but sunny. The skies were blue and it seemed a perfect day to take a drive to the river to throw rocks. When we first moved out to Clements from the Bay Area, the Mokelumne River was a pretty popular place to go to and just hang. It's quiet, beautiful, serene, fun, rock covered, muddy and wet. A combination of adjectives that pleases both parents and kids alike. Kind of like Kix. "Kid Tested. Mother Approved." The intent was that the kids would stand at the shore and throw rocks and sticks. Maybe wander around a bit and see some wild life. DEFINITELY NOT GET WET!
As you can see by the picture, that didn't happen. It's funny how, a perfectly dry child can get wet slowly. Quick step to retrieve that stone, shoe... just a little wet. Another, slightly slower, step out into the water to get that one pretty rock that you just have to have, bottom of jeans... just a tad damp. Ten minutes later, their sneakers have become water socks and their pants look tie-dyed, as the color saturation deepens toward the bottom. As a Mom, I easily traverse between "grown child" and "no-fun mommy". Fortunately, for my boys that day, I hovered over my inner child for a while and figured, since they were already wet, "Why not wade out to that cool looking rock!"

So there I am convincing my children to roll up their already wet pant legs and wade out to a rock in icy cold water. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time and maybe icy is a bit of an exaggeration... let's say the exhilaratingly cold water! And yet, the aftermath of muddy, sandy, soaking wet feet being crammed into already wet sneakers walking back to the van and climbing into my car, wasn't the vision of joy that I had originally. See, when I find myself operating as the "fun mom", I tend not to follow the logic through. OF COURSE, this is how it would end.

But while we were on the rock, it was nothing but laughter and splashing and fun, so I'll say it... it was worth every bit of whining back to car.

Plus, had we not taken this little river detour, I would never know that my Bubba was actually a Jedi Knight... though I had my suspicions!

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