This is My Crowd

This is My Crowd
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Ever Get The Feeling... 'cause I do.

Photo by Sura Nualpradid

... that the things you worry about aren't worth the time, let alone the energy?
A week from now, you'll have to make yourself remember what the problem was and will probably fail.  The truth is that after your next paycheck, this bill will be paid and make room for your next worry.  The fight you had, the decision you must make, the symptom you feel, they will all get solved or resolved.  It may not turn out as you hope, but worry or no worry, the result will be the same.  So what does worry benefit you? 

... that the things you choose to "entertain" yourself with are just marijuana for the soul?    
It's not addictive... mostly.  Or rather it's just speculation that it may be.  It's numbing and enjoyable for the moment and leaves you hungry for more.  Leaving you with lingering regret that the time could have been spent differently, the calories better, the money more wisely.  It doesn't benefit you, really, other than to help you relax... and relaxing is good... right? 

... that the people milling the earth around you are worth your time?
Our society is increasingly isolation based.  We don't talk to anyone out of our "trusted circle" and even then we don't talk; we facebook, we text, we pinterest, we tweet, we email.  We look at our phones while waiting in line for, well, just about anything.  We avoid getting out of our vehicles if possible and prefer to order it online... for the cost savings, of course.  But what is it costing us really?

... that your money might be better used to warm your hands from a barrel?
It pours through your hands like sand, so quickly.  You just toss to anyone that asks, except those that need it most.  We invest in an other men's work ethic; recreational eating and doses of entertainment; cars we don't own and houses we can't afford; and insurance for, well, everything, yet people go hungry and cold and ignored. 

.... that as technologically advanced this age is, we've still missed it?

I'm against worry, but I'm not against relaxing, entertainment, spending money, shopping online, watching t.v., using facebook or any other thing mentioned above... I do them all, including worry.  I'm simply (ha! simply) contemplating if much of what we consume is processed and designed to fill the void for a short time leaving a desire for more of the same, all the while breaking down the health of the consumer. 

I had a thought a couple of Saturdays ago... I am a being designed for creation, yet much of what I do is consumer based.  I know that one does not have to be mutually exclusive of the other, but the balance, it's the balance that is lacking. 

So, what now?  For me, I have chosen to seek my Creator.  To seek out His plan for me.  I was not just designed for any creative act, but for a purpose and if I ask, it will be revealed.  He brings peace in times of worry.  He provides joy that can outshine any Hollywood movie; true and lasting emotions based upon MY life that I can take with me.  He opens my eyes to those around me, causing my heart to swell with love for His people.  He is my provider and provision in times when lack seems so near, and in that moment He blesses me with the opportunity to bless others.  There is no void in me, for He is there and though I find myself hungry for more of Him, there is a purity in His sustenance that never leaves me feeling bloated and tired, just rested and energized.


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