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This is My Crowd
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Most of the time when people are trying something new, they ask their friends, acquaintences and sometimes the guy in front of them in line at the grocery store if they have a recommendation.  Need a recommendation for a restaurant?  Look no further, but before I answer, let me ask you this, "What kind of food do you like?"  Thai?  I have a couple of options.  Japanese?  Pizza?  Chinese?  Indian?  Burger Joint?  Bistro style?  Bakery?  Mexican?  Breakfast?  Greek?  I have a recommendation, most likely a few recommendations.  Granted, when you start asking about fancy, more expensive places, I can really only tell you what I've heard. 

Photo by Suphakit73

You need a recommendation for a movie?  I got-cho back.  What kind of movie you wanna see?  Horror?  Romance?  Comedy?  Romantic comedy?  Drama?  Suspense?  Action?  Documentary?  ROCKumentary?  Oh, yes, I have some recommendations for you. 

Wondering what shows I might think are worth a peek?  I don't typically watch T.V., but I have a few shows you can catch on Netflix. 

I may not have driven every type of vehicle on the market, but I can recommend vans similar to mine.  I can tell you which banks I've had a great experience at.  Need a doctor?  What kind, I may be able to help. 

Recipes?  Websites?  Blogs?  Books?  Baby products?  Yep!  I have some concise opinions on all of those subjects, all of which I am more than happy to quickly provide to anyone caring to listen.

But when you come to me and ask me something important, like:

My marriage is falling apart, what should I do?  Should I just say forget it and leave?  I never thought I'd get a divorce.

I've been struggling with depression for a while now.  I've been to a couple of doctors and they have me on these pills, but I'm tired of living this way.

I lost my job and don't know what to do next.

My children hate me, how can I fix this?

My life is a mess. 

I feel lost.

There must be more.

Am I so quick to answer then with my true recommendation?  You see my answer for all of these will be the same.  Jesus.  Sound too simple?  Not enough variation for the multiple issues you might have or the complexity of your specific situation?  That's ok.  The answer is still Jesus. 

Though sometimes I may fall prey to my own conceit and respond with what my brain and experience can produce, the answer remains unchanging.  I might even start by telling you about counseling or temporary employment services or recommend books penned by human authors,  though my first answer should always be the Author of Life, Jesus

Not sure how out of millions of life equations constructed by hundreds of thousands of variables based on circumstance, personal preference, geographic location, the actions of certain individuals, poor choices and perceived acts of God Himself, can result in the same answer Jesus?

Married too young + alcohol abuse + financial stress + I still love him though = you need Jesus
Can't pay rent + vehicle is broken down + we fight every day + I don't even want to get out of bed = you need Jesus
She doesn't believe in me anymore + I'm struggling to support my family + All I want to do is have a few beers and crash out = you need Jesus 
Bad diagnosis + Fear + Lonliness = you need Jesus

The Bible says in 1 Peter 3:15 - Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

My reason?  He saved me.  My marriage was falling apart and He saved it.  I struggled with depression and He brought me joy.  My life was a mess and He got in the dirt with me and cleaned me up.  I was bitter and miserable and He changed me.  I was lost and He found me. 

Everyone's road is different, just like everyones life equations are different, but if you set your focus on the Star that always points true north, then you will make your way out of your issues and into a life of peace that can be found only in Him. 

Photo by Luigi Diamanti

Even if the problem you face isn't found listed above, your answer will always be Jesus.  He is the reason for the hope that I have. 

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