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This is My Crowd
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Monday, February 20, 2012

So What Now?

Now that I realize that I do not have as much time for fruitless deeds as I had thought (see blog post here for what that means), what now?

It's an excellent question.  One which I hope to answer over the next few posts.  After some consideration, I decided that since the internal Q&A had worked thus far, I would continue in that same vein.  As such, here are the questions that I plan to explore, saving any God inspired adjustments, redactions, inversions, corrections or additions.  My plan is to be as honest as I can be and hopefully by the end of the series, I'll have figured something out.  I would imagine that in turn, God will have used something to speak to you as well so that it won't be an utter waste of your time.  Being that I'm exploring my wasteful time spending habits, I wouldn't want it to be an ironic ending for you.  

Here are the pertinent questions that I've come up with so far.  I've  chosen to leave them somewhat generic in terminology so that you can ask yourself these questions along with me.  Are you ready?  I'm not sure that I am, but here goes!

1.  What will this "life" that I'm expecting look like, really?  Can I reasonably assume that it's possible?    

2.  What uses of my time do I employ that I find wasteful?  Take a few moments and jot them down.  Really, think about it.    

3.  What uses of my time do I employ that I find beneficial?   

4.  Using Jesus as the posterboy of a life well spent, what were some traits He possessed that were integral in Him accomplishing His purpose?  What traits do I possess that are the same?  What traits do I lack?

5.  Other than Jesus, list three (3) people from the bible whom I would most like to emulate.  What traits do they have that I already possess?  What traits do I lack?

6.  What keeps me from making the adjustments that I already know to make? 

7.  How do you balance worldly expectations and duties with a life crucified for Christ?  Is there a balance?  What do you think God expects?   

8.  Can I really walk with the kind of anointing and in the same power and influence that can reveal Jesus as the One true savior and God, cause the sick to be healed and the dead to be raised?  Am I crazy?  

I'll stop here for now.  If you think of a question I should be asking myself, or want to answer some of these for yourself, please be sure to share in the comment section at the end of each post.  It would be nice to know that I'm not alone.  Depending on how long winded I am, I'll probably tackle one or two questions per post.

Personally, I like to laze about watching t.v.  Anime is a favorite of mine, well, certain anime anyways.  I love Raising Hope and The New Girl and Big Bang Theory.  I like to watch movies and spend countless hours reading blogs, looking at all of the neat stuff on Pinterest, reading Facebook posts and whatnot.  But since most of those things don't produce anything all that useful in my life, save a few blogs I follow, there must be something I'm missing.  There must be a direct correlation between the time I waste and the fact that certain aspects of the life I believe God wants for me remain still afar off.  Maybe I'm wrong and God just pours out His power and anointing on people that generally loaf about, but based upon what I've read in Proverbs, I'm thinking not.           

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